Blyford Marriage

From Suffolk Record Office
MALE FEMALE Banns Marriage Where Ipo Add 'info
Nicholas Smith s, of Laxfield Mary Ffiske s. of Laxfield   14/04/1701 Blyford    
Henry Fisk s. of Dennington (wheelwright) Anne Magut sotp 17/24 Feb 3 March 1850 11/03/1850 Blyford Caroline & William Croft Henry signed Anne X Fathers:- Henry Fisk (Innkeeper) James Magut (sailor)
Samuel Barker s.of Framlingham Mary Ann Fisk sotp 13/20/29 Jan 1867        
Samuel George Smith sotp age 20 (shoemaker) Georgianna Fisk sotp age 20 (servant) 30 Nov 07/14 Dec 1873 25/12/1874 Blyford John & Alice Fisk Both signed Fathers ??Smith(lab) John Fisk (Farmers ballif)
Robert Easthaugh sotp age 29 (lab) Alice Fisk sotp age 24 15/22/29 Oct 1882 02/11/1882 Blyford John Fisk & Mary Agnes Fisk Both signed Fathers:-Robert Easthaugh (Parish Clerk) & John Fisk (Ballif)
Walter Cullingford s,of Rushmere age 24 (lab) Mary Agnes Fisk sotp age 22 (Dairy maid) 20/27 June 04 July 1886 16/07/1886 Blyford John Fisk & Alice Cullingford Both signed Fathers:- ?? Cullingford (market Gardener) & John Fisk (Stockyard Man)