Blythburgh Marriage

From Suffolk Records office

MALE FEMALE banns marriage where ipo add' info
Arthure Fiske Margery Pickerce


14/11/1585 Blythburgh



George Fiske s.otp Dorothy Honigo s.otp 06/26/March 03 April 1768  04.04.1768 Blythburgh Thomas voice Thomas Hadingham

Both signed X

Anthony Fisk -sp Mary Aldridge -s 27/11/1774 27/12/1774 Blythburgh Henry Fisk & John Noy Both signed X  Bill indented 04.05.1775
Anthony Fisk -w Bulcamp Alithea Brown -s of Bulcamp 09/23 Sept 07 Oct 1781 08/10/1781 Blythburgh Benjamin Eves & John Noy

Both signed x  

James Fisk -sp of Bulcamp Elizabeth Elma -s Of Bulcamp 15/29 July 12 Aug 1781 19/08/1781 Blythburgh Michael Elma & John Noy

Both signed x  

John Fisk -sp of Bulcamp Jemima Pryer -s Bulcamp 03/17 Nov 1 Dec 1781


Blythburgh Henry Fisk & William Blowers 

Both signed x  

John Fisk s.of Hinton Prudence Catchpole s.of Hinton 20 April 04.11.May 1787 13.05.1788 Blythburgh William Blowers & James Hildey

Both signed x 

Charles Fisk of Hinton Sarah Cloak of Theberton  20 May 3.17 June 1797        
Edward Allen -w of Bulcamp Elizabeth -s of Bulcamp 8.22.Nov 6 Dec 1801 04/01/1802 Blythburgh Anthony Fisk & George Whincop

Edward signed Elizabeth X 

Joseph Howard -sp Benacre Sarah Fisk -s otp 05/19/Sept 03/Oct 1802 12/10/1802 Blythburgh Cornelius Fisk & George Whincop

Both signed x 

William Easy -sp Reydon Mary Fisk -s Bulcamp 14/21/28/July1810 28/08/1811 Blythburgh Anthony Cable & James Easy

Both signed x  

Thomas Swan -sp of Bulcamp Hannah Fisk -s of Bulcamp 18.25 Oct 1Nov 1812 07/11/1812 Blythburgh Hannah Swan & James Long

Both signed x

Samuel Fisk s.of Bulcamp Amy Page s.of Bulcamp   05.12.1814 Blythburgh John Frielmingham & Elisa Goddard

Both signed x

Henry Fisk -sp otp Eliza Bedingfield -s otp 17-24-31 Oct 1823 02/11/1823 Blythburgh Samuel Mann & Mary Easy

Both signed x 

George Moser -sp otp Susan Fisk -s Badingham 23-30 Nov & 07.Dec 1828





John Nockel -s.otp Mary Ann Fisk -s of Bulcamp 27.Oct 1833 & 03-17 Nov 1833 18/12/1833 Blythburgh Charles Fisk & Marriane Pattman

Both signed 

Samuel Fisk -sp Hinton Eliza Daze -s Dunwich 20-27.Nov 1842 & 04.Dec 1842





Charles Fisk -sp otp Husbandsman Sarah Anne Bickers -s otp 18-25.Aug 1844 & 01.Sept 1844 12/09/1844 Blythburgh Charles & Caroline Bickers Both signed Fathers:-James Fisk (Lab) & William Bickers (millwright)
Cornelius Fisk -sp otp (lab) Susannah Parsk -s otp 18-25.Aug 1844 & 01.Sept 1844 13/09/1844 Blythburgh Letita Burton & Elizabeth Fisk Both signed X Fathers:-Cornelius Fisk (lab) & James Parsk (lab)
James Woodyard -sp otp (lab) Pheobe Fisk -s otp 30.Nov 1845 & 7-14 Dec 1845 08/01/1846 Blythburgh John & Elizabeth Fisk Both signed X Fathers:-James Woodyard (Carpenter) & Cornelius Fisk (lab)
John Fisk -sp otp (Lab) Sophia Bickers -s otp 27.Jan 1849 & 03-10 Feb 1849 22/02/1849 Blythburgh Charles & Clara Elizabeth Bickers John X Sophia Signed Fathers:-Cornelius Fisk (Lab)& William Bickers (Millwright)
Thomas Woods -w otp (labourer) Mary ann Fisk -s otp 15-22-29 June 1851 09/07/1851 Blythburgh Cornelius Fisk & Clara Elizabeth Bickers Both signed X Fathers:-John Woods (Lab) Cornelius Fisk (Lab)
James Fisk -sp otp Mary Collyer -s otp 09-16-23 Dec 1865 25/12/1865 Blythburgh William Meadows & Mary ann Woodyard James Woodyard ( James fisk illegit)
William Goodwin full age-sp otp sailor Mary Fisk full age-s otp 11-18-25 Dec 1870 28/12/1870 Blythburgh Elizabeth Fisk & Elizabeth Parske Both signed. Fathers:-Cornelius Fisk (Fisherman) &William Goodwin (Lab)
William Fisk -sp otp Susanna Page -s Halesworth 22-29.Oct.1876 & 05.Nov 1876





Arthur Cornelius Fisk -sp fullage otp (miller) Lucy Burton -s otp (underage) 29.sept 1878 & 06.13.Oct 1878  23/10/1878 Blythburgh William Shade & Letitia Stannard Both signed. Fathers:- John Fisk (lab) 
Nelson Cornelius Fisk -sp otp Harriet Precilla Winter -s Lowestoft 04/09/1884 06/10/1884 Blythburgh James Winter.James Stannard.Cornelius Fisk.Alice Winter Cornelius Fisk (Father)
Nelson Cornelius Fisk -w age 36 otp Fisherman Charlotte Elizabeth Gallant -s age 32 of Lowestoft Domestic servant 29.Nov 1891 & 6-13 Dec 1891 24/12/1891 Blythburgh Martha Gallant & William Goodwin Nelson signed Charlotte X Fathers:-Cornelius Fisk (fisherman) William Robert Gallant (lab)
Charles Fisk age 32-sp Yoxford (house decorator) Anna Rosa Mills age 30 -s otp 06-13-20 Nov 1892 07/12/1892 Blythburgh Herbert George Woolnough Mills.Jane White.Jesse Fisk.Arthur Fisk. Both signed Fathers:-Edward Fisk (house decorator) & George Mills (farmer)
William George Kemp -sp age23 Peasanhall (Blacksmith) Lily White Fisk -s otp age 19 14-21-28 May 1899 05/06/1899 Blythburgh William Fisk & Lucy Bertha Fisk Both signed Fathers:- William Fisk (miller) & William Kemp (lab)