James Fisk died 3rd July

1869 age 92yrs. Also of

Ironomia 9th Feb 1853

age 78

Edmond Fisk died 8th Sept 1849 age 74yrs. Beneath this mossy turf lies sleeping here. A tender husband and a parent dear. His soul is fled, his body here remain. Waiting his saviours call to use again. He's gone but just before the debt to pay. Pray God prepare us all for that great day.

Mary Fisk wife of Edmond died 9th April 1844 age 69 She that lies here in time of life Was a tender mother and a loving wife But death hath called her to this bed of clay To sleep in silence till the judgement day. Also William their son died 20th May 1825 in the 18th year of his life

Ann the beloved wife of William Fisk died 2nd April 1818 age 72

William Fisk died 2nd Sept 1839 age 70 Thou hast given him his hearts desire And not witholden the request of his lips The year rolls round and steals away The breath that first it gave. What e'er we do, where e'er we be, We'er travelling to the grave

William Fisk who died 16th April 1806 age 68 Also Ann his wife 2nd July 1780 age 56