Laxfield Burials

William Ffyske 23.06.1579 son of Mathew  
William Ffyske 02.01.1590    
Jeffrie Ffyske 29.04.1591    
Elizabeth Ffyske 06.01.1592 wife of Mathew  
Alice Ffyske 07.04.1593    
Elizabeth Ffiske 15.08.1595 single woman  
Mary Ffyske 18.11.1597 single woman  
Agnes Ffiske 16.01.1597 widow  
Elye Ffyske 02.09.1601 Yeoman  
Jane Ffyske 10.05.1604 widow  
Margaret Ffyske 13.09.1611 wife of Mathew  
The wife of Nicholas Ffyske 16.01.1623    
The wife of Jeremye Ffiske 15.11.1624    
Mathias Ffiske 05.11.1628 Yeoman  
John Ffiske 06.11.1628 of Studhaw buried at Ubbeston  
Jerome Ffiske 03.09.1630 Yeoman  
Nicholas Ffiske 24.02.1630  Yeoman   
Widow Ffiske 08.06.1639     
 John Ffiske 12.11.1641  infant son of John Ffiske   
Nicholas Ffiske 15.05.1648 son of John Ffiske of Studhaw  
John Ffiske the Elder 24.03.1648 late of Broadgates  
Marie Ffiske 17.08.1651 wife of John Ffiske lately of Broadgates in Laxfield  
Jemima Ffiske 31.10.1724    
Mathew Fiske 1659 The Smyth  
John Ffiske Senior 25.04.1662 a very aged man  
Mary Ffiske 27.12.1667 wife of John Ffiske  
John Ffiske 29.12.1679 No affadavit was brought in which certified to the Church wardens and overseers of this town of Laxfield. Certificate handed in 08.01.1679/80  
Henry Fiske 25.06.1687 Affadavit was made 22.06.1687  
Henry Fiske 02.11.1689    
William Fiske 06.06.1692    
William Fiske 25.11.1706 Gent  
William Fiske 26.05.1710    
Mr John Fiske 03.07.1710    
Jemima Ffiske 13.10.1724 Widow  
Elizabeth Fisk 03.11.1749 Wife of Henry Fisk of Cratfield  
Mary Bickers 14.04.1787 Wife of Nicholas Bickers nee Fisk  
Samuel Fisk 06.09.1788    
John Fisk 19.10.1809 age 5yrs son of John and Esther Fisk nee Burgess  
Lydia Fisk 01.01.1809 Infant Dau of Henry and Elizabeth Fisk  
Ann Fisk 12.06.1815 Spinster age 80 yrs Laxfield poor house  
Esther Fisk 14.03.1819 age 50 yrs wife of John Fisk  
William Fisk 03.06.1820 single man age 55 yrs labourer  
Anne Fisk 07.03.1832 age 73 yrs  
Anne Fisk 20.08.1837 age 67 yrs  
Joseph Fisk 17.09.1839 age 66yrs  
To be continued