Reydon Marriage

From Suffolk Record Office

MALE FEMALE banns marriage where ipo add' info
John Fisk Elizabeth Reeve (widow) yes 12/10/1734 Reydon



Charles Goddard sp otp Lydia Fisk of Westhall 29.Sept 05.12.Oct 1760 21.10.1760  Westhall John Fisk Robert Gibbon  Both signed X  
Robert Fisk sp otp Mary Edwards sp otp 24-31 oct 14 nov 1784 22/11/1784 Reydon Mary Frances John Salthouse


James Fisk sp otp Mary Bunnett sp otp 21-28 oct 4 nov 1804 10/04/1804 Reydon William Ruthin Mary Ruthin


Samuel Plant sp otp Matilda Fisk otp (widow)


06/11/1806 Reydon John Churchman A.Churchman


Arthur John Fisk sp otp Hilda May Ellis sp otp 27 june 4-11 july 1915





Alfred Ernest Cook sp of Wangford Edith Fisk sp otp 24 -31 oct 6 nov 1920





George Joiner age 24 sp of Lowestoft Clara Sophia Fisk age 24 sp


26/11/1907 Reydon Ethel Fisk Arthur Cornelius Fisk G F William George publician B F Arthur Cornelius Fisk lab